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Arthur Verge

Classification Codes : K7

Language : ENG

Publication Information : Wiley

Publish Year:2014

I  S  B  N :9781118701041

Grade :

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With its reputation already established as the most accessible and engaging California survey text currently on the market, the new eighth edition of California: A History brings the history of the Golden State completely up to date from its original inhabitants through the present. Along with updates, revisions, and expanded coverage of numerous issues that have shaped Californias past, this new edition features a revealing discussion of a recent and uniquely Californian social trend the authors call Silicon Beach, or the important interconnectedness among Hollywood, social media, and Silicon Valley. Also covered are recent developments relating to Californias immigration, energy, environment, and transportation concerns. Numerous maps, photographs, and new graphic features serve to enhance clarity and ensure that this classic text remains vibrant and topical. California: A History offers illuminating insights into the full sweep of significant events and peoples that shaped the lengthy and complex history of a state that has become synonymous with the American dream.