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Applied Psychology In Health Care


Donnie J. Wilbanks

Classification Codes : R1

Language : END

Publication Information : Cengage

Publish Year:2009

I  S  B  N :9781418053482

Grade :

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Applied Psychology in Health Care applies the basics of psychology to provide caregivers with an understanding of the mental health of patients and themselves, Applied Psychology in Health Care prepares health care workers to effectively communicate and provide superior patient care. In its approach to human understanding, this book is a valuable resource to anyone involved in a helping relationship, as a helper or as a client. With 18 years of social work and counseling experience, the author brings a wealth of experience and offers proven skills that can be practiced and developed to enhance the provider’s caretaking ability. The text is divided into three key sections: Psychology, Provider, and Client. The “Psychology” section includes four chapters that describe the interplay of genetics and the environment in the development of the brain and personality. It presents a model of mental functioning and within its framework discusses needs, feelings, beliefs, and functional and dysfunctional behavior. The “Provider” section begins by focusing on recognizing our own beliefs and avoiding bias and discrimination. It then discusses the role of the care giver, professionalism, and expands on the human skills presented in each chapter. The section concludes with a consideration of professional ethics, the client-provider relationship, client rights, and provider responsibilities. The “Client” section explores issues that affect clients as they seek medical care including loss and grief, adjustment, irrational beliefs, and mental illness. Application sections present listening and communication skills for each area of specialization to improve healthcare at all levels.