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General Chemistry: Atoms First


Susan Young

Classification Codes : O6

Language : END

Publication Information : Cengage

Publish Year:2018

I  S  B  N :9781337612296

Grade :

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Product Details

This print companion to MindTap for General Chemistry presents the narrative, figures, tables, and example problems-but no graded problems or assessments. You will need a MindTap access code to complete the interactive activities, exercises, and assignments. MindTap General Chemistry: Atoms First is a new homework platform and interactive textbook designed to help you study better. MindTap organizes your homework and readings in short, manageable chunks so that you read a little, then do a little. The learning path ramps up your knowledge so that you first learn essential concepts and skills before moving onto more advanced problems like the ones you might get on an exam. There's also a MindTap Mobile App to keep you connected with important reminders and on-demand study tools. It's time to say goodbye to your textbook, and say hello to MindTap General Chemistry!