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Avocado, The: Botany, Production and Uses


Schaffer, B.; Whiley, A. W.; Wolstenholme, B. N.; Litz, Richard E.

Classification Codes : Q94

Language : ENG

Publication Information : CABI

Publish Year:2013

I  S  B  N :9781845937010

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Although avocado has been cultivated and consumed for more than 9000 years near its centre of origin in latin america, world production and trade has increased dramatically over the past few decades. the avocado is now a widely traded fruit between warmer and colder countries as a result of the global community becoming increasingly aware of the versatility and nutritional value of this crop. for the past decade, the world avocado industry has been going through a period of rapid technological change and innovation. the dietary value of "the most nutritious of all fruit" is also receiving more attention. this fully updated new edition of the successful 2002 book will provide a comprehensive review of avocado production, science and technology.