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New Perspectives On The Internet: Comprehensive


Jessica Evans

Classification Codes : TP3

Language : END

Publication Information : Cengage

Publish Year:2018

I  S  B  N :9781337283908

Grade :

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Learn the skills you need with today’s up-to-date, complete introduction to using the Internet found only in NEW PERSPECTIVES ON THE INTERNET: COMPREHENSIVE, 10E. This new, timely edition helps you master the essential online skills you need to succeed in school and on the job. Updates throughout this edition offer you the latest coverage of Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox®, and Microsoft Edge®. You study key concepts and important skills to help you better understand and navigate today’s Internet. You learn to use the latest tools to search for information, communicate with email, understand security threats and recognize how to protect yourself. You also learn how to create powerful web pages and gain a solid understand of networking. Trust NEW PERSPECTIVES ON THE INTERNET: COMPREHENSIVE, 10E for the online insights and practical Internet skills you need now and into the future.