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Physical Examination Procedures For Advanced Nurses and Independent Prescribers : Evidence and Rationale

Rawles, Zoe

Classification Codes : R4

Language : ENG

Publication Information : CRC Press

Publish Year:2009

I  S  B  N :9780340967584

Grade :

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A practical overview of the skills and rationale for physical examination, Physical Examination Procedures for Advanced Nurses and Independent Prescribers: Evidence and Rationale is a useful reference for student practitioners in nursing and other non-medical prescribers and is an essential revision aid for preparation for clinical exams. Backed up with evidence and clinical guidelines, the book is a quick reference guide to the procedures and skills needed to perform physical examination of adults—enabling readers to understand and justify the way they perform each physical examination. A step-by-step checklist for each body system is presented alongside a rationale to reinforce learning. This material is followed by case studies that put the information in context. Further discussion gives readers confidence in explaining the way they perform each physical examination. This book is an essential guide for students in specialist and advanced nurse practitioner courses, paramedics, and supplementary and independent prescribers, including nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and radiographers.