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邪教与新宗教运动:简史 第2版

Douglas Cowan

Classification Codes : B9

Language : ENG

Publication Information : Wiley

Publish Year:2015

I  S  B  N :9781118722107

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Cults and New Religious Movements 2/e provides a concise and lively history of cults, dealing directly with the conflicts that have marked the rise of controversial new religious movements since the middle of the twentieth century, and using these conflicts to explore the deeper meanings of new, emergent religions.Each chapter has been completely up-dated to reflect the very latest developments within each movement, and includes a discussion of one of the major sources of controversy surrounding these groups, controversies that have led to them being popularly regarded as "cults". Behind these stereotypes, however, Cowan and Bromley discuss in detail the history, central beliefs, and ritual practices of these groups, illustrating not only the range and diversity of new religions, and their rich and varied histories, but what they can teach us about religion more generally. New to this edition is information on the emergence of important new religious groups as well as substantial new sections on researching new religious movements, the latest scholarly material in the field, and the importance of these groups in society. The result is a fascinating and informative volume suitable for students studying this area for the first time.