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Product Details

Author and professional photographer Kevin Kubota is a superstar in the photog community. With a cult like following Kevin is known for providing his dedicated followers his unique lighting and post-production recipes and techniques so they can graduate from being good photographers to great photographers!  The idea behind The Lighting Notebook came from a self-assignment Kevin worked on where he spent the day with a fellow photographer, and a carload of photographic equipment. Their goal was to use the gear they had, both inexpensive and pricy, to create as many different lighting setups and looks as possible. It turned in to a very inspiring project for both photographers and Kevin began to share them on his popular blog, The Action Hero's Cave, which also spurred a great deal of interest and enthusiasm from his blog readers. Essentially the book is like a notebook for photographic lighting. Each page spread of the notebook shows a behind the scenes photo of the setup, the final resulting image, and a description of the equipment used and thought process behind it. A key component of the book will be the companion app where this type of search is more functional to narrow down for the photographer and what they are looking for.