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Understanding Basic Statistics


Charles Henry Brase

Classification Codes : O21

Language : END

Publication Information : Cengage

Publish Year:2017

I  S  B  N :9781305954908

Grade :

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Help students overcome their apprehension about statistics with Brase and Brase's UNDERSTANDING BASIC STATISTICS, ENHANCED, 7E, INTERNATIONAL METRIC EDITION. A condensed and more streamlined version of the same authors' bestselling UNDERSTANDABLE STATISTICS, 11E, this book offers instructors an effective way to teach the essentials of statistics, including early coverage of regression, within a more limited time frame. Thorough yet abbreviated, the text helps students realize the real-world significance of statistics, and offers an accessible exposition and a complete technology package. The Seventh Edition addresses the growing importance of developing students' critical thinking and statistical literacy skills with critical thinking features and new exercises throughout the text. The use of the graphing calculator, Microsoft® Excel®, MINITAB®, and SPSS® is covered but not required. The text is packaged with JMP® statistical software.