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Quantum Mechanics II : Advanced Topics


Rajasekar, S.

Classification Codes : O3

Language : ENG

Publication Information : CRC Press

Publish Year:2014

I  S  B  N :9781482263459

Grade :

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  Why the Quantum Field Theory? Quantum Mechanics II: Advanced Topics uses more than a decade of research and the authors’ own teaching experience to expound on some of the more advanced topics and current research in quantum mechanics. A follow-up to the authors introductory book Quantum Mechanics I: The Fundamentals, this book begins with a chapter on quantum field theory, and goes on to present basic principles, key features, and applications. It outlines recent quantum technologies and phenomena, and introduces growing topics of interest in quantum mechanics. The authors describe promising applications that include ghost imaging, detection of weak amplitude objects, entangled two-photon microscopy, detection of small displacements, lithography, metrology, and teleportation of optical images. They also present worked-out examples and provide numerous problems at the end of each chapter. Establishes a Need for the Quantum Field Theory Consisting of ten chapters, this illuminating text: Covers the basic ideas of both classical and quantum field theories Highlights path integral formalism, supersymmetric quantum mechanics, coherent and squeezed states, Berry's phase, Aharonov-Bohm and Sagnac effects, and Wigner function Addresses basic principles, salient features, and applications Describes basic concepts of quantum computers, some of the quantum algorithms, and features of quantum computation Explores advances made in the field of quantum cryptography Provides a brief and compact introduction to topics of growing interest including quantum versions of theory of gravity, Zeno effect, teleportation, games, cloning, diffusion, and chaos Focuses on the theoretical aspects of various advanced topics Outlines some o