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EISBN 9781118636138
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Silicon reagents are usually low-cost, versatile and allow a wide range of reactions. For the selection the Editor focussed on three key synthetic approaches with the greatest impact: 1. Use of silicon as a temporary tether by unifying a reactive pair of functional groups and taking advantage of their template-biased intramolecular cyclization. 2. The specific use of the silane functionality as a hetero t-butyl group, often colloquially referred to as the use of silicon as a fat proton. 3. The use of the Brook rearrangement as an anion relay stratagem.     A new feature in this Handbook is the reagent finder, an alphabetically organized lookup table arranged by organic functionality and specific structure of the silicon atom to which it is bound.
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    • University of Cambridge
    • Princeton University
    • University of Oxford
    • Harvard University
    • Stanford University
    • National Library of China
    • Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai
    • UCB

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