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publishCompany Wiley
EISBN 9781118652695
PISBN 9781118652701
A new all-colour textbook replete with illustrations and images focused on the principles of the topic.  The approach is somewhat traditional but incorporates new material discovered since the last text published 20 years ago and is written in a focused manner.  It is not a research text but will be useful for professionals who are outside the field but who wish to have a first-order understanding of the topic.  It is designed as a series of 36 chapters such that each chapter is suitable for a lecture with some supplemental reading included.  It is suggested that a powerpoint of all pertinent illustrations be included with each book published.  It is estimated to be ~280 pages in length, contain ~245 illustrations and include an index. This is a textbook, not a research document, that will introduce the subject matter to students and others who are unfamiliar with carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis.  It will blend the new discoveries, made over the last 25 years, with the well-established and proven principles that have always underpinned our understanding and interpretations of carbonate rocks.  It focuses on the big picture and refrains from detailed debate on each and every aspect of carbonate rocks.  We shamelessly use the discoveries of others, our friends, and even ourselves.  Such a treatment includes the use of our previously published figures and images where applicable.  The aim is to generate an easily readable encapsulation of what we now know about this complex realm.  We have written without the interruption of referenced concepts so that the flow of logic continues unimpeded.  The figures are all referenced and a set of critical references is included at the end of each chapter.  Many of the currently available books on carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis are invaluable resources for the professional researcher who focuses largely on these fields of study.  The detail in these books, however, is too overwhelming for most undergraduate students and, as a result, they get lost in the detail and sadly, bored.  Thus, we have written this textbook in a straightforward manner that is structured around 36 lectures that commonly constitute a single course in Carbonate Sedimentology.  Our objective is to teach, instill questioning, and encourage enthusiasm that will inspire these students to go further and use the other outstanding books that are already available.   Chapter Structure Each chapter, as previously emphasized, is designed to be a single, self-contained lecture.   The drawings and images will be woven through the narrative.   There will be a summary in point form at the end of each chapter, perhaps in box for emphasis.   There will be a list of critical references, between five and six, to guide the reader into the literature.

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