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publishCompany Wiley
EISBN 9781118612507
PISBN 9780470536742
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This book is about the application of scientific principles and engineering experience to chemical engineering operations. The balance equations for mass, energy, momentum and entropy are applied at the macroscopic level confined to the equipment ports, through completely mixed and staged systems to the continuous variations within equipment. This is in contrast to the common organization around process operations. Consequently, reactor design and separation operations may be found throughout the text. A thermodynamics thread is continued beyond the first law for second law efficiency calculations, phase and chemical equilibrium In addition, a contextual thread is carried throughout the book by continual references to relevant examples in a complete chemical plant presented from a process and equipment view at the very outset of the book.  Simulator results pertaining to equipment sizes and operating conditions are compiled for the plant and are used in establishing confidence in the calculations carried out on the text in the contextual thread mentioned above are compared with calculations in the text. Calculations in the text are enhanced by a wide range of heuristics to satisfy degrees of freedom and in some cases to be verified with calculated results.

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