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publishCompany Wolters Kluwer Health
EISBN 9781469876887
PISBN 9781608311712
edition 5th
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(Publisher-supplied data) 1. Structure of the Heart and Cardiac Muscle 2. Energetics and Energy Production 3. Energy Utilization (Work and Heat) 4. The Contractile Proteins 5. The Cytoskeleton 6. Active State, Length-Tension Relationship, Cardiac Mechanics 7. Excitation-Contraction Coupling: Extracellular and Intracellular Calcium Cycles 8. Signal Transduction: Functional Signaling 9. Signal Transduction: Proliferative Signaling 10. Regulation of Cardiac Muscle Performance 11. The Heart as a Muscular Pump 12. The Working Heart 13. Cardiac Ion Channels 14. The Cardiac Action Potential 15. The Electrocardiogram 16. Arrhythmias 17. The Ischemic Heart 18. Heart Failure.

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