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As there is currently no single up-to-date publication on geological field techniques on the market, The Open University is looking to develop and copublish a textbook that covers the broad spectrum of tasks completed during geological field work. Geological Field Techniques will show how to make geological field observations and collect primary geological data rather than teaching model-driven data collection. In particular the book will cover the purpose of collecting different types of field data and what is appropriate for different situations and outcomes. The text of around 35,000 words will be integrated with around 200 illustrations. It is estimated that there will be about 80 photographs ( up to 25% of which will be annotated), including many photographs of real field notebooks and field slips. The artwork of more than 100 illustrations will be prepared by the University. The book will include an appendix of useful diagrams and tables for recognition of geological features, rock types and classification. After a brief introduction the book will cover field safety and equipment before exploring the purpose of the fieldwork and how to start. One substantial chapter will be devoted to the production of a field notebook as it is the key record of geological field data. The bulk of the book will comprise five chapters covering the necessary skills for the collection of paleontological, sedimentological, igneous, structural and metamorphic data. Building on these previous five chapters will be a chapter on geological mapping.
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