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publishCompany CABI
EISBN 9781780642017
PISBN 9781780642000
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An introduction to metabolomics and systems biology / Mahon L. Maguire -- Metabolomics in neuroscience and neurology / Reza M. Salek -- Cardiovascular disease and health / Jacqueline E. Wood -- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and metabolomics / Baljit K. Ubhi, John H. Riley, Julian L. Griffin and Susan C. Connor -- In search of new biomarkers for liver diseases / Luigi Atzori and Maria L. Santoru -- Influences shaping digestive health explored using metabolomics / Anisha Wijeyesekera, Frances Jackson and Jonathan Swann -- Applications of metabolomics in the study of pathogenic microorganisms and their effects on human health / Daniel A. Dias and Ute Roessner -- Type 2 diabetes mellitus and the metabolic syndrome / Lee D. Roberts -- Biomarkers of skeletal muscle regulation, metabolism, and dysfunction / Jane Shearer and Aalim M. Weljie -- Applications of metabolomics in cancer research / Julian L. Griffin.

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