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publishCompany Wiley
EISBN 9781119433705
PISBN 9781119433712
edition 3
This book is an advanced graduate textbook on power system stability and control. As it is the third edition, it augments the material in the previous editions with additional topics which have gained significance in recent years. This includes a rewritten overview of power system stability, a section that explores the industry convention of q axis leading d axis in modeling of synchronous machines, as well as a chapter that details the modeling and representation of two widely used FACTS devices in the bulk transmission network. The third edition also provides content involving simulations that utilize digital computers and commercial simulation tools, an introduction to the concepts of the stability analysis of linear systems, and a heavily revised chapter that explores both implicit and explicit integration methods for transient stability. By going in-depth on these and other critical topics, the authors allow practicing engineers to use the book as an invaluable reference for incorporating the presented techniques and methods into their projects.

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