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publishCompany CRC Press
ISBN 9780824712259
edition 1
This classic and bestselling landmark publication, originally published in 1965, examines the dynamic mechanisms, fundamental principles, and physical properties of various chromatographic procedures. It offers methods to characterize, identify, and predict chromatographic phenomena - providing strategies to select the most appropriate separation tools and techniques for specific applications in chemistry, physics, biology, and forensic and environmental science.
Written by a world-renowned pioneer in the field, Dynamics of Chromatography contains many worked equations and real-world examples in gas and liquid chromatography. It includes numerous schematic figures for visualization of key concepts, introduces the means to control migration rate differences and zone spreading, and presents a detailed random-walk model for clarification of column processes. It also analyzes flow, diffusion, and kinetic events, stresses the link between theory and practice, and summarizes mathematical quantities and parameters.

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