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Kim and Sankar have written a new concise text for the undergraduate finite elements course. The authors integrate many applications from across the different engineering disciplines. They also include numerous worked examples to help students better understand the key concepts and skills. The text takes a software neutral approach, but supports students with appendices on the most widely used software packages. Introduction to Finite Element Analysis and Design introduces the basic concepts so that students can use this method efficiently and interpret the results properly.  In order to establish a common ground before presenting the theoretical aspects of FEM, the text first reviews concepts in mathematics and mechanics of materials that are prerequisite.  Through practical applications, the concepts of FEM are illustrated in the main text, while examples using four different commercial programs appear in the Appendix; the concepts can be introduced in the general finite element theory, and practice can be carried out using different programs, based on individual preference.  The following programs are supported: MATLAB, ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, and Pro/Engineer.   

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