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The Editor of this EIC Book will commission contributions from leading inorganic and energy experts to cover a wide range of topics.   An introductory chapter will put the content into perspective. This chapter will be written by a renowned expert and will describe the current status in view of existing technologies and technologies in development.   In a first section a wide range of energy production or energy transformation [e.g. from sun energy to thermal energy or from sun energy to electricity] methods will be presented, covering areas such as solar cells, fuel cells, hydrogen economy and oxygen alternatives. Inorganic nano-particles and catalysts are will be playing a crucial role in the development of these new technologies. The titles of the topics in the table of content speak for themselves.   In a second section the Book will discuss energy storage. We do not always need energy at the same time as it is used, or we do not use it in the same place where it is produced. Therefore this section will deal with batteries, fuels for fuel cells, high-energy liquids or solids which can easily be stored and transported and will be able to replace oil. Again, inorganic chemistry offers a wide range of solutions and a lot of technologies and processes are discovered and developed.
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    • University of Cambridge
    • University of Oxford
    • Harvard University
    • Columbia University Library
    • National Library of China
    • CUHK
    • University of Chicago
    • MIT
    • UCB

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