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Using a mechanistic approach, this text helps students develop a good intuition for organic chemistry. The first edition of Electron Flow in Organic Chemistry (Wiley, 1992), provided a unique decision-based approach to teaching / learning organic chemistry. The revised 2nd edition builds on and improves this legacy, continuing the rigorous mechanistic approach to organic chemistry. Each mechanistic process is divided into its basic units, the dozen common electron flow pathways that become the building blocks of all the common mechanistic processes. Using flow charts and energy surfaces to illustrate concepts of communication or critical thinking, the text explains and makes use of analysis tools rare in undergraduate organic chemistry texts (such as flow charts as decision maps, correlation matrices to show all possible interactions, and simplified energy surfaces used as problem space maps). With his decision-based organic chemistry, Scudder gives students a good chemical intuition and the ability to approach and solve complex problems methods of analysis that are valuable and portable to other fields.
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