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Climate Change and Agricultural Development : A Challenge for Water Management / Chu Thai Hoanh, Robyn Johnston and Vladimir Smakhtin -- Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Agricultural Water Management - A Review / Shreedhar Maskey, Dinesh Bhatt, Stefan Uhlenbrook, Krishna C. Prasad and Mukand S. Babel -- Global Water Requirements of Future Agriculture : Using WATERSIM / Aditya Sood -- Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Water Requirements in Huang-HuaiHai Plain, China / Qin Liu, Changrong Yan, Jianying Yang, Xu-rong Mei, Weiping Hao and Hui Ju -- Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation in Agricultural Water Management in North China / Jun Xia, Xingguo Mo, Jinxia Wang and Xinping Luo -- Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Agricultural Water Management in the Philippines / Felino P. Lansigan and Amparo C. Dela Cruz -- Adaptation Strategies to Address the Climate Change Impacts in Three Major River Basins in India / Krishna Reddy Kakumanu, Kuppannan Palanisami, Pramod Kumar Aggarwal, Coimbatore Ramarao Ranganathan and Udaya Sekhar Nagothu -- Water Management for Agricultural Production in a Coastal Province of the Mekong River Delta under Sea-level Rise / Ngo Dang Phong, Chu Thai Hoanh, Tran Quang Tho, Nguyen van Ngoc, Tran Duc Dong, To Phuc Tuong, Nguyen Huy Khoi, Nguyen Xuan Hien and Nguyen Trung Nam -- Aquaculture Adaptation to Climate Change in Vietnam's Mekong Delta / Suan Pheng Kam, Tran Nhuong, Chu Thai Hoanh and Nguyen Xuan Hien -- Groundwater for Food Production and Livelihoods - The Nexus with Climate Change and Transboundary Water Management / Karen Villholth -- Irrigated Crop Production in the Syr Darya Basin : Climate Change Rehearsal in the 1990s / Oxana Savoskul and Elena Shevnina -- Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rice Production through Water-saving Techniques : Potential, Adoption and Empirical Evidence / Bjoern Ole Sander, Reiner Wassmann and Joel D.L.C. Siopongco -- Linking Climate Change Discourse with Climate Change Policy in the Mekong : The Case of Lao PDR / Jana Prosinger, Diana Suhardiman and Mark Giordano.

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