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publishCompany McGraw Hill
ISBN 9789389347838
edition 2
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Primarily intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science and engineering, this textbook (earlier titled as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), now in its second edition, bridges the gaps in knowledge of the seemingly difficult areas of artificial intelligence. This book promises to provide the most number of case studies and worked-out examples among the books of its genre. The text is written in a highly interactive manner which fulfils the curiosity of any reader. Moreover, the content takes off from the introduction to artificial intelligence, which is followed by explaining about intelligent agents. Various problem-solving strategies, knowledge representation schemes are also included with numerous case studies and applications. Different aspects of learning, nature-inspired learning, along with natural language processing are also explained in depth. The algorithms and pseudo codes for each topic make this book useful for students. Book also throws light into areas like planning, expert system and robotics. Book concludes with futuristic artificial intelligence, which explains the fascinating applications, that the world will witness in coming years. KEY FEATURES Day-to-day examples and practical representations for deeper understanding of the subject. Learners can easily implement the AI applications. Effective and useful case studies and worked-out examples for AI problems. Target Audience Students of B.E./B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Students of M.E./M.Tech Computer Science Engineering

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