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Choose the most trusted source available to help your students master current CPT®-4 diagnostic and procedural coding as well as other strict guidelines established by federal agencies, Medicare, and the American Medical Association. Bowie’s UNDERSTANDING PROCEDURAL CODING: A WORKTEXT, 5E uses carefully illustrated procedures, new case studies, practical coding assignments, and engaging examples to help students perfect procedural coding for all medical specialties and successfully prepare for certification exams. Students record answers in the book, creating a personalized, ongoing resource that they will use well into their careers. Used on its own or as the ideal companion for CPT® and HCPCS Level II manuals, this book presents extensive hands-on practice and a dynamic support package with new online study tools to ensure comprehension as well as Optum’s® popular EncoderPro™. Equip your students for procedural coding success with UNDERSTANDING PROCEDURAL CODING: A WORKTEXT, 5E.

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