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Pharmacology is the study of drugs, of the reactions of the body and drug on each other, the sources of drugs, their nature, and their properties. It is an inherently practical subject, and students need to be familiar with a range of laboratory and data analysis techniques. Practical Pharmacology for the Pharmaceutical Sciences begins with definitions of key terms used in pharmacology. This is followed by a detailed explanation of calculations and examples of commonly used data analyses obtained from practical laboratory sessions, including examples and exercises on calculating dilutions, concentrations and relevant pharmacological parameters. The next chapters focus on laboratory based experimentation and describe the commonly used in vitro techniques involving tissue and organ baths experiments, and commonly used biochemical techniques used in pharmacology. In these sections, examples and calculations relevant to particular experiments are provided, together with a description of the application of relevant statistical analyses. The concluding chapters of the book focus on how scientific reports are written and describe how scientific literature can be accessed and evaluated to produce a coherent and detailed scientific report whether this is for an essay, research project or dissertation.  Practical Pharmacology for the Pharmaceutical Sciences is an essential laboratory companion for students of pharmacology and those on related degrees with a strong pharmacology component.

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