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EISBN 9781496339447
PISBN 9781496339447
edition 9
West's Pulmonary Pathophysiology: The Essentials offers accessible explanations of disease processes that affect the respiratory system. This best-selling companion to West's Respiratory Physiology; Tenth Edition; has served generations of students. Dr. John B. West; together with new co-author Dr. Andrew M. Luks; presents the vital knowledge you need in a concise; straightforward manner that's easy to understand. Learn the very latest on COPD; asthma; restrictive lung disease; pulmonary hypertension; and much more.See how pathophysiology applies to clinical practice with clinical vignettes in every chapter; followed by multiple-choice questions and answers to test your comprehension.Visualize concepts vividly with the aid of new radiographs; CT images; and color photomicrographs.Study with ease through abundant chapter outlines; Key Concepts boxes; bulleted review sections; and other helpful summaries.Prepare for exams with 75 multiple-choice review questions; accompanied by answers and explanations; inside the book as well as in an Interactive Question Bank online.

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