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ISBN 9780470444528
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Instructorsare always searching for relevant case studies which cansupplement their course material and increase students' understanding oftopics being covered. In First Person Accounts of Mental Illness, case studies of individuals experiencing schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, substance use disorders, personality disorders, and other mental ailments will be providedfor students studying the classification andtreatment of psychopathology.?All of the cases are written from the perspective of the mentally ill individual, providing readers with a unique perspective of the experience of living with a mental disorder. The readings are drawn from a wide range of sources, including excerpts from well-knownauthors, includingandrew Solomon, Kay Redfield Jamison, and Leo Tolstoi.
    Collected by
    • UCLA
    • University of Cambridge
    • University College London
    • Princeton University
    • Yale University
    • University of Oxford
    • Harvard University
    • Columbia University Library
    • National Library of China
    • Stanford University
    • CUHK
    • MIT
    • UCB

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