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publishCompany CRC Press
ISBN 9781584885269
edition 3
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A First Course in Fuzzy Logic, Third Edition continues to provide the ideal introduction to the theory and applications of fuzzy logic. This best-selling text provides a firm mathematical basis for the calculus of fuzzy concepts necessary for designing intelligent systems and a solid background for readers to pursue further studies and real-world applications.

New in the Third Edition:

  • A section on type-2 fuzzy sets - a topic that has received much attention in the past few years
  • Additional material on copulas and t-norms
  • More discussions on generalized modus ponens and the compositional rule of inference
  • Complete revision to the chapter on possibility theory
  • Significant expansion of the chapter on fuzzy integrals
  • Many new exercises

    With its comprehensive updates, this new edition presents all the background necessary for students and professionals to begin using fuzzy logic in its many-and rapidly growing- applications in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and engineering.
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      • University of Cambridge
      • Yale University
      • Princeton University
      • University of Melbourne Library
      • University of Oxford
      • Columbia University Library
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