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publishCompany Wiley
EISBN 9781119724384
PISBN 9781119724377
edition 5
Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for Product Design, Fifth Edition is an updated edition of the successful textbook now including a new chapter on design ability, and new examples and case studies. The new chapter on design ability presents up-to-date material on design thinking, design expertise and how expertise in design is developed, further broadening the appeal and relevance of this book, from engineering design to product design and innovation. Also now included is a case study of a new city-car design by the ex-Formula One designer, Gordon Murray, illustrating the development of a design and bringing to life the stages outlined in the chapter, from concept to prototype. This new edition retains the proven successful structure of past editions as follows: (1) an introductory part of three chapters on the basics of design activities and processes, (2) a core part of eight design methods, each presented in a standard explanatory format and illustrated with examples, (3) a concluding part of two chapters on broader issues of design strategies and design management.

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