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publishCompany CRC Press
EISBN 9781439887813
PISBN 9781439887806
edition 2
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Mechanical Design of Machine Components, Second Edition strikes a balance between theory and application, and prepares students for more advanced study or professional practice. It outlines the basic concepts in the design and analysis of machine elements using traditional methods, based on the principles of mechanics of materials. The text combines the theory needed to gain insight into mechanics with numerical methods in design. It presents real-world engineering applications, and reveals the link between basic mechanics and the specific design of machine components and machines. Divided into three parts, this revised text presents basic background topics, deals with failure prevention in a variety of machine elements and covers applications in design of machine components as well as entire machines. Optional sections treating special and advanced topics are also included. Key Features of the Second Edition: -Incorporates material that has been completely updated with new chapters, problems, practical examples and illustrations -Places a strong emphasis is on the fundamentals of mechanics of materials as they relate to the study of machine design -Provides thorough coverage of machine components, including their applications in modern engineering, and some discussion of entire machines -Presents material selection charts and tables as an aid in specific applications -Contains selective chapters that include case studies of various components and machines, as well as some open-ended problems -Includes applied finite element analysis in design, offering an introduction to this useful tool for computer-oriented examples -Addresses the ABET design criteria in a systematic manner -Covers optional MATLAB solutions tied to the book and student learning resources on the CRC website Mechanical Design of Machine Components, Second Edition helps you gain a grasp of the fundamentals of machine design and the ability to apply these fundamentals to new engineering problems.

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