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Written to introduce students to the theories and practices of clinical psychology, and the important work done by clinical psychologists, Introduction to Clinical Psychology, 1st edition, is designed to provide undergraduate students with information that demonstrates the current strengths and limitations of the field. The text incorporates three distinct features throughout. First, emphasizing the most important trend in health care today, the book looks at clinical psychology from an Evidence-Based Approach, pointing out whether or not theories or practices within the field are supported empirically, thus reflecting the new realities in clinical psychology and the ongoing commitment of psychologists to deliver services that are the best science has to offer. Second, the text looks at the importance of and the challenges pertaining to professional sensitivity to issues of Diversity in research and practice. Finally, the text offers a Lifespan Perspective throughout to give introductory students the ability to learn about clinical psychology from the perspective of children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Organized in three parts, students are able to learn about current best practices in clinical psychology through observing the present state of research in the areas of assessment, prevention, and intervention.

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