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The vibrio cholerae toxin coregulated pilus : structure, assembly, and function with implications for vaccine design / Lisa Craig and Ronald K. Taylor -- Conjugative pili / Peter J. Christie -- Pilus biogenesis by the chaperone-usher pathway / Gilles Phan and Gabriel Waksman -- Type 1 and P pili of uropathogenic Escherichia coli / Colin Russell and Matthew Mulvey -- Type IV pili : functions and biogenesis / Michaella Georgiadou and Vladimir Pelicic -- The pseudomonas aeruginosa type IV pilus assembly system in three dimensions / Stephanie Tammam, P. Lynne Howell, and Lori L. Burrows -- Corynebacterium diphtheriae pili : assembly, structure and function / I-Hsiu Huang and Hung Ton-That -- Three-dimensional structures of pilin subunits and their role in gram-positive pilus assembly and stability / Neil G. Paterson and Edward N. Baker -- Sortase structure and specificity in streptococci / Roberta Cozzi, Domenico Maione and Daniela Rinaudo -- Pili of streptococcus pyogenes / June R. Scott -- The role of pili in the formation of biofilm and bacterial communities / Andrea G.O. Manetti and Tiziana Spadafina -- Fimbrae/pili from oral bacteria / Haley Echlin and Hui Wu -- Pilus-based vaccine development in streptococci : variability, diversity and immunological responses / Daniela Rinaudo and Monica Moschioni.

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