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Many benign gynaecological conditions can now be safely diagnosed, investigated and managed in the outpatient or 'office' setting. Handbook of Outpatient Hysteroscopy is a concise, highly practical, guide to modern practice, concentrating not simply on the surgical interventions in an ambulatory one-stop 'see and treat' setting, but providing clear guidelines to best practice based on the evidence currently available.The authors consider the conditions in gynaecology with which patients most frequently present in the clinic or outpatient department - abnormal bleeding problems, HRT/menopause related problems, reproductive medicine and fertility control. The first of its kind in this rapidly developing area, Handbook of Outpatient Hysteroscopy provides a practical reference for those setting up a hysteroscopy service, and for all trainees in gynaecology who will encounter the procedure during training. It will be a valuable resource for gynaecologists in training and in practice, plus primary care physicians with an interest in gynaecology, community gynaecologists and nurse hysteroscopists.

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