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publishCompany Wiley
EISBN 9781119312376
PISBN 9781119312369
edition 2
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This text, unlike most texts in this area, covers both water and wastewater treatment. It does not only address the physical/chemical treatment of water and wastewater, but also the biological treatment of water and wastewater, which again is rather unique for texts in this area. It has detailed coverage of the fundamentals: basic applied water chemistry, and applied microbiology. It then goes on to cover both physical/chemical and biological unit processes. It is the most current and comprehensive textbook available for the ever-evolving fields of water and wastewater treatment, covering the broad spectrum of technologies used in practice today, ranging from commonly used standards to the latest state of the art innovations that are absent from most existing texts. Both theory and design concepts are developed systematically, combined in a unified way, and are fully supported by comprehensive, illustrative examples. The new edition substantially updates and expands the chapters on:Analysis and Constituents in Water, Microbiology, and Disinfection. It also either completely revises or adds sections on: Clarifier Design; Ballasted Sedimentation; Blower Analysis; Theory of Gas Strippers; Conjunction and Breakup Theory; New Saturation Indices; Micro-column Analysis for Scaleup of Carbon Systems; Use of IWA Models for Activated Sludge Design; Biological Aerated Filters; Moving Bed Bioreactors; New Anaerobic Pretreatment Processes such as: Mechanical, Thermal, Thermo-Mechanical, Microwave, Ultrasound Pretreatment Process; Energy Analysis for Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion; Life Cycle Analysis.

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