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Introduction to Biosecurity Surveillance : Quantitative Approaches / Frith Jarrad -- Biosecurity Surveillance in Agriculture and Environment : a Review / Megan Quinlan, Mark Stanaway and Kerrie Mengersen -- Getting the Story Straight : Laying the Foundations for Statistical Evaluation of the Performance of Surveillance / Samantha Low-Choy -- Hierarchical Models for Evaluating Surveillance Strategies : Diversity Within a Common Modular Structure / Samantha Low-Choy -- The Relationship Between Biosecurity Surveillance and Risk Analysis / Alan MacLeod -- Designing Surveillance for Emergency Response / Zo鈋 van Havre and Peter Whittle -- The Role of Surveillance in Evaluating and Comparing International Quarantine Systems / Murthy Mittinty, Peter Whittle, Mark Burgman and Kerrie Mengersen -- Estimating Detection Rates and Probabilities / Cindy E. Hauser, Georgia E. Garrard and Joslin L. Moore -- Ad hoc Solutions to Estimating Pathway Non-compliance Rates Using Imperfect and Incomplete Information / Andrew P. Robinson, Matthew Chisholm, Robert Mudford and Robert Maillardet -- Surveillance for Soilborne Microbial Biocontrol Agents and Plant Pathogens / Peter Whittle, Ingvar Sundh and Stephen Neate -- Design of a Surveillance System for Non-indigenous Species on Barrow Island : Plants Case Study / Justine Murray, Peter Whittle, Frith Jarrad, Susan Barrett, Richard Stoklosa and Kerrie Mengersen -- Towards Reliable Mapping of Biosecurity Risk : Incorporating Uncertainty and Decision Makers' Risk Aversion / Denys Yemshanov, Frank H. Koch, Mark Ducey and Robert A. Haack -- Detection Survey Design for Decision Making During Biosecurity Incursions / John M. Kean, Graham M. Burnip and Amin Pathan -- Inference and Prediction with Individual-based Stochastic Models of Epidemics / Gavin Gibson and Christopher A. Gilligan -- Evidence of Absence for Invasive Species : Roles for Hierarchical Bayesian Approaches in Regulation / Mark Stanaway -- Using Bayesian Networks to Model Surveillance in Complex Plant and Animal Health Systems / Sandra Johnson, Kerrie Mengersen, Michael Ormsby and Peter Whittle -- Statistical Emulators of Simulation Models to Inform Surveillance and Response to New Biological Invasions / Michael Renton and David Savage -- Animal, Vegetable, or ... ? A Case Study in Using Animal-health Monitoring Design Tools to Solve a Plant-health Surveillance Problem / Susan Hester, Evan Sergeant, Andrew P. Robinson and Graham Schultz -- Agent-based Bayesian Spread Model Applied to Red Imported Fire Ants in Brisbane / Jonathan M. Keith and Daniel Spring -- Appendix : Common Statistical Distributions Used in Statistical Modelling and Analysis for Biosecurity Surveillance / Jessie Roberts, Samantha Low-Choy, Frith Jarrad and Kerrie Mengersen.

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