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publishCompany McGraw Hill
EISBN 9789390544752
PISBN 9788120341999
edition 2
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This compact and highly readable text, now in its second edition, continues to provide a thorough introduction to the basic chemical engineering principles and calculations to enable the students to evaluate the material and energy balances in various units of a process plant. Unless a chemical engineer is conversant with the energy conser- vation techniques at every stage of the process, economy cannot be achieved in the design of process equipment. The text lucidly explains the techniques involved in analyzing different chemical processes and the underlying theories by making a generous use of appropriate worked examples. The examples are simple and concrete to make the book useful for self-instruction. In this new edition, besides worked examples, several exercises are included to aid students in testing their knowledge of the material contained in each chapter. The book is primarily intended for undergraduate students of Chemical Engineering. It would also be useful to undergraduate students of Petroleum Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology and other allied branches of Chemical Engineering. KEY FEATURES Exposes the reader to background information on different systems of units, dimensions and behaviour of gases, liquids and solids. Provides several examples with detailed solutions to explain the concepts discussed. Includes chapter-end exercises with answers to enhance learning.

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