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publishCompany McGraw Hill
EISBN 9789387472785
PISBN 9789387472778
edition 3
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The Third Edition of this book has been comprehensively revised in a coherent style to impart fundamental principles and useful applications of chemistry in engineering and technology. It provides extensive explanation of all five modules—Electrochemistry and Battery Technology, Corrosion and Metal Finishing, Fuels and Solar Energy, Polymers, Water Technology and Nanomaterials—with good emphasis on topics of interest in engineering. The newly added material to this edition certainly builds up the information as well as strengthens the text further. This revised edition covers the topics that are being taught as important and required text for engineers in most of the universities, institutions and deemed universities. The book is designed for the first-Year undergraduate students of engineering of all branches for their course in Engineering Chemistry. NEW TO THE THIRD EDITION Incorporates a new chapter on Nanomaterials. Comprises new sections on Production of Solar Grade Silicon—Union Carbide Process, Purification of Silicon (Zone Refining) in the chapter on Chemical Energy Resources, and sections on Boiler’s Sludge and Scales, Priming, Foaming and Boiler Corrosion in the chapter on Water Technology. Includes revamped section on Molecular Mass (Weight) of a Polymer in the chapter on High Polymers. Contains a Model Test Paper to help the students from examination point of view.

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