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The myriad ways that humans interact with their surroundings in the natural world has consequences that are both positive and negative. An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography: Local Dynamics and Global Processes offers an engagingly unique view of the spatial relationships between humans and their environment across geographical locations around the world. This introductory level text presents the rich tapestry of theoretical approaches to the tradition and demonstrates how these approaches may be productively engaged to understand human-environment interactions. After introducing several of the fundamental concepts and major theoretical traditions within human-environment geography, various thematic issues within the field are explored -- such as population, food and agriculture, and water resources. Exposure to the theoretical underpinnings of human-environment geography are carefully balanced by the inclusion of a variety of real-world policy questions and illustrative field-notes contributed by prominent nature-society geographers. An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography offers rich and rewarding insights into a tradition of growing importance in the twenty-first century world.
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