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Atmospheric dynamics is a difficult yet essential topic for students to understand. Although well-regarded, the leading book in the field (Holton, Intro to Dynamic Meteorology) is considered difficult even for the more able students and there is a need for a mathematically rigorous yet accessible textbook that is primarily aimed at atmospheric science majors. The first five chapters of Mid-Latitude Atmospheric Dynamics: a First Course constitutes a companion text to an introductory course covering the dynamics of the mid-latitude atmosphere. The final four chapters constitute a more advanced course, and provide insights into the diagnostic power of the quasi-geostrophic approximation of the equations outlined in the previous chapters, the meso-scale dynamics of thefrontal zone, the alternative PV perspective for cyclone interpretation, and the dynamics of the life-cycle of mid-latitude cyclones. What makes this text more accessible than Holtons is the emphasis on conceptual understanding. Real weather examples are woven through the mathematical rigour of chapters 1-5, and chapters 6-9 introduce a range of global case studies. Each chapter sets out clear learning objectives and tests students knowledge with concluding questions and answers. A generic companion website (hosted by Wiley) with a link through to the authors own site for example weather models is in discussion.

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