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publishCompany Wiley
ISBN 9780470710180
edition 2
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This is a completely revised edition of a comprehensive and popular introduction to the fast moving area of Forensic Genetics. The book begins with key concepts needed to fully appreciate the subject and moves on to examine the latest developments in the field. Now illustrated in full colour throughout, this accessible textbook includes numerous references to relevant casework. With information on the full process of DNA evidence from collection at the scene of a crime to presentation in a legal context this book provides a complete overview of the field. New material to this edition includes splitting the kinship chapter into two- one dealing with standard paternity as is already present in Chapter 11 but also including a new chapter on complex relationship problems involving living individual and a second chapter on the identification of human remains. New chapter looking at non-human forensic genetics, including identification of bacteria and viruses, animals and plants. This edition to be included in the Forensic Science Society Essentials of Forensic Science' book series aimed at advanced level undergraduates and new practitioners to the field.

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