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publishCompany McGraw Hill
EISBN 9789390464432
PISBN 9788120341791
edition 1
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Written for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of chemistry, this textbook presents comprehensive coverage of different types of reactions and their mechanisms. The need for such a book has been felt for a very long time both by students and teachers. The book discusses chemical kinetics, structure and reactivity and reactive intermediates such as carbenes, nitrenes and benzynes. It also describes the mechanism of tautomerism and the concepts of aromaticity. In addition, the book elaborates the various reactions such as substitution, free radical, addition, elimination and alkylation reactions. Finally, the text presents a detailed discussion on molecular rearrangements, oximes and diazo compounds, as well as the concepts of photochemistry. KEY FEATURES Presents a number of examples to explain the mechanistic concepts. Offers graphs and tables at various places to illustrate the key points. Includes latest information on the subject.

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