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How to Promote Wellbeing is a timely resource designed to help all healthcare practitioners promote and protect their own and their patients wellbeing and mental health. Focusing on practical strategies and guidance, this much-needed book explores approaches for reducing burnout, managing stress, coping with pressure in healthcare settings, recognising signs of impaired decision-making, and much more.  Written specifically for busy healthcare practitioners, the book offers focused and succinct chapters on topics ranging from behaviours to improve resilience and mindfulness, to approaches for maintaining work-life balance when confronted with excessive workloads and organisational pressures. Throughout the text, evidence-based tools and techniques are provided to improve the practitioners health and facilitate the delivery of high-quality care. Covering a wide range of clinical situations and important issues, this book:   Examines global, organisational, and individual problem factors affecting mental health and wellbeing  Discusses the impacts of chronic stress, burnout, technological and environmental factors, work-associated trauma, and sources of wellbeing strain  Identifies factors that negatively affect patients wellbeing in hospital, clinic, and outpatient settings   Offers guidance for emergencies and available resources for those in personal crisis   Includes a mental health and wellbeing toolkit, including assessments and strategies  How to Promote Wellbeing is indispensable reading for doctors, nurses, dentists, therapists, counsellors, and other clinicians and health professionals. 

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