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publishCompany McGraw Hill
EISBN 9781265688394
PISBN 9781264141616
edition 11th ed.
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The eleventh edition of General, Organic, and Biochemistry offers a problem-solving approach and is designed to help undergraduate majors in health-related fields understand key concepts and appreciate significant connections among chemistry, health, and the treatment of disease. This new edition is available in ALEKS, featuring: • ALEKS Topics to assign as pre-requisite assignments to boost student confidence and help those lacking math skills. • End-of-Chapter Questions aligned to the text for homework, test, and quiz assignments. • Virtual Labs to be used as pre-lab prep assignments, or lab replacement. • Video Assignments that break down key concepts and show step-by-step solutions. • The ALEKS Drawing Tool, an easy-to-learn tool that mirrors the drawing action of pencil & paper and supports Fischer and Haworth Projections.
    Katherine Denniston Kate Denniston is a biochemist in the Biology Dept. of Towson State University. At Towson, she has been honored with such awards as the "Outstanding Faculty Award" and the "Faculty Merit Award". Her previous employment record is literally a list of some of the best biochemistry institutions in the world: Univ. of Wisconsin as a post-doc, Georgetown University School of Medicine as research professor, National Cancer Institute as a Senior Staff Fellow, the Argonee National laboratory in their research program, and as an Invited Instructor by the European Molecular Biology Organization. She has written for such noteworthy publications as Nature, Science.

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