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New Era of Management


Richard L. Daft

Classification Codes : C93

Language : END

Publication Information : Cengage

Publish Year:2012

I  S  B  N :9781111525712

Grade :

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Product Details

Equip your students with the confidence and innovative skills they need to manage successfully in today's rapidly changing, turbulent business environment. The latest edition of Daft's market-leading NEW ERA OF MANAGEMENT, 10e, International Edition helps you develop managers who look beyond traditional techniques and ideas to tap into a full breadth of innovative management skills. NEW ERA OF MANAGEMENT, 10e, International Edition addresses emerging themes and the issues most important for meeting today's management demands and challenges. A blend of proven management techniques and new competencies demonstrate how to harness creativity and lead change, as students learn to put theory into practice. With the latest improvements in this edition, D.A.F.T. defines Management. D. Development of the latest managerial theories and innovative skills prepares students to adapt new technologies and inspire exceptional performances in managerial roles. A. Applications focus on contemporary ideas and relevance to students using a combination of cutting-edge exercises, memorable examples, unique photo essays, new video cases, and topics not typically found in other management texts. F. Foundations in the best management practices combine fresh ideas with proven managerial research organized around the four functions of management. T. Technology in a leading support package delivers innovative solutions, from course management tools to new video cases and a premium website that helps ensure students reach their full management potential.