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True freedom is within your grasp with this powerful wealth creation strategy. Freedom First challenges you to rethink your ideas about how to become financially free. Drawing on historical financial insights as old as Confucius, as well as lessons gleaned from modern psychology and economics, this book explores a counterintuitive approach to wealth creation: if you want to become financially free, you need to become free first. Author Matthew Klan walked away from his professional career and the promise of financial security in the pursuit of freedom. Now a self-made millionaire, Klan reveals his two-part wealth-building principle, and shares stories of others who have harnessed the power of getting free first. This book will enable you to: -               Learn the counterintuitive financial insights of the rich -               Understand the traps of not being free: Dependence trap, Debt trap, Income trap -               Learn how to free yourself from what is holding you back -               Free up time and energy to unlock your full creative potential -               Adopt a growth mindset and go beyond the traditional passive income  approach Whether youre a millennial or retiree, this book will teach you the wealth generation secrets of the rich and enable you to become financially free now.

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