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Introduction : why do we need to prepare? / C. Sellwood and A. Wapling -- The planning process / C. Sellwood and A. Wapling -- Risk assessment / J. Bush -- Writing an emergency plan / A. Wapling -- Emergency planning and response : working in partnership / S. Lewis -- Interprofessional working : understanding some emotional barriers and unconscious processes that might influence practice in group and team work / P. Sully -- Command, control and communication / A. Rowe and P. Thorpe -- Communications during a health emergency / J. Cole -- Psychosocial and mental health care before, during and after emergencies, disasters and major incidents / R. Williams and V. Kemp -- Business continuity / J. Hebdon -- Training and exercising for emergency preparedness, resilience and response / R. Ellett and A. Wapling -- Post-incident follow-up / K. Reddin and G. Macdonald -- Mass casualty incidents / M. Shanahan -- Preparedness and response to pandemics and other infectious disease emergencies / J.S. Nguyen-Van-Tam and P.M.P. Penttinen -- CBRN incidents / R.P. Chilcott and S.M. Wyke -- A military case study / D. Ross and A. Charnick -- From pandemics to earthquakes : health and emergencies in Canterbury, New Zealand / A. Humphrey.

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