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A lively, inspiring account of the pioneers who sought toaccurately predict the weather Benjamin Franklin . . . James P. Espy . . . Cleveland Abbe . . .Carl-Gustaf Rossby . . . Jule G. Charney . . . just a few of theremarkable individuals who struggled against formidable odds tounderstand the atmosphere and predict the weather. Where they sawpatterns and processes, others saw randomness and tumult-andyet they strove to make their voices heard, often saving lives inthe process. Storm Watchers takes you on a fascinating journey through timethat captures the evolution of weather forecasting. From the agewhen meteorology was considered one step removed from sorcery tothe modern-day wizardry of supercomputers, John Cox introduces youto the pioneering scientists whose work fulfilled an ancient dreamand made it possible to foretell the future. He tells thelittle-known stories of these weathermen, such as Ptolemy'sweather predictions based on astrology, John Finley'sbreakthrough research in identifying tornadoes, and TorBergeron's new techniques of weather forecasting, whichcontributed to its final worldwide acceptance. Filled with extraordinary tales of bravery and sacrifice, StormWatchers will make you think twice the next time you turn on thelocal news to catch the weather report.
    Collected by
    • Princeton University
    • Yale University
    • University College London
    • University of Melbourne Library
    • Columbia University Library
    • Stanford University
    • University of Chicago
    • UCB

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