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publishCompany McGraw Hill
EISBN 9789389347173
PISBN 9789389347166
edition 2
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This book is an exhaustive presentation of the applications of numerical methods in chemical engineering. Intended primarily as a textbook for B.E./B.Tech and M.Tech students of chemical engineering, the book will also be useful for research and development/process professionals in the fields of chemical, biochemical, mechanical and biomedical engineering. The book, now, in its second edition, comprises three parts. Part I on General Chemical Engineering is same as given in the first edition of the book. It explains solving linear and non-linear algebraic equations, chemical engineering thermodynamics problems, initial value problems, boundary value problems and topics related to chemical reaction, dispersion and diffusion as well as steady and transient heat conduction. Whereas, Part II and Part III comprising two chapters and six chapters, respectively, are newly introduced in the present edition. Besides, three appendices covering computer programs have been included. For practice, the book provides students with numerous worked-out examples and chapter-end exercises including their answers. NEW TO THE SECOND EDITION Part II on Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor consists of solving multiple gas phase reactions in a PFR, diffusion and multiple reactions in a catalytic pellet, and fixed bed catalytic reactor with multiple reactions. Part III on Multicomponent Distillation consists of solving vapour-liquid-liquid isothermal flash using NRTL model, adiabatic flash using Wilson model, bubble point method, theta method and Naphtali-Sandholm method for distillation using modified Raoult's law with Wilson activity coefficient model.

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