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publishCompany Wiley
EISBN 9781118764701
PISBN 9781118763780
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This book is designed as a text for cosmetic science courses, providing a clear and easily understandable review of the types and functions of cosmetics and over the counter (OTC) drug-cosmetic products currently available. The first chapters review the basic terms and definitions used in the cosmetic industry and provide readers with an overview of the regulatory environment in the US. The topics include general physiological, pharmaceutical and formulation knowledge of decorative and personal care products with chapters on various make-up, skin care, hair care, oral and dental care, and finally other (such as hair removal products and sunless tanners) product types. Readers receive a basic background of surfaces to which the cosmetic products are applied along with a detailed overview of the cosmetic and active ingredients and their functions, product design, formulation and development as well as quality control considerations for various decorative and personal care products. Chapters start with learning objectives, key terms and main concepts and conclude with discussion questions and glossary of terms with answers at the end of the text, and PowerPoint slides are available (via the book's page) as ancillaries for adopting professors.

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