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Foreword / Matthew P. Ayres -- Climate Change and Insect Pest Distribution Range / Andrea Battisti and Stig Larsson -- Species Distribution Modelling in Predicting Response to Climate Change / Matthew P. Hill and Linda J. Thomson -- Adaptive Responses of Plants to Insect Herbivores under Climate Change / Sergio Rasmann and Lo鑙c Pellissier -- Boreal Woody Species Resistance Affected by Climate Change / Riitta Julkunen-Tiitto, Line Nybakken, Tendry Randriamanana and Virpi Virjamo -- Effects of Climate Change on the Interactions Between Insect Pests and Their Natural Enemies / Gregor Kalinkat and Bj鑟rn C. Rall -- Physiological Variation of Insects in Agricultural Landscapes : Potential Impacts of Climate Change / John S. Terblanche, Minette Karsten, Katherine A. Mitchell, Madeleine G. Barton and Patricia Gibert -- Climate Change and Biological Control in Agricultural Systems : Principles and Examples from North America / Sanford D. Eigenbrode, Thomas S. Davis and David W. Crowder -- Climate Change Effects on Agricultural Insect Pests in Europe / Leena Lindstr鑟m and Philipp Lehmann -- Abiotic Factors, Climatic Variability and Forest Insect Pests / Seppo Neuvonen and Tarmo Virtanen -- Responses of Tree-killing Bark Beetles to a Changing Climate / Kenneth F. Raffa, Brian H. Aukema, Barbara J. Bentz, Allan L. Carroll, Jeffrey A. Hicke and Thomas E. Kolb -- The Eurasian Spruce Bark Beetle : The Role of Climate / Bj瞨n land, Sigrid Netherer and Lorenzo Marini -- Pine Wood Nematode, Pine Wilt Disease, Vector Beetle and Pine Tree : How a Multiplayer System Could Reply to Climate Change / Alain Roques, Lilin Zhao, Jianghua Sun and Christelle Robinet -- Northern Geometrids and Climate Change : From Abiotic Factors to Trophic Interactions / Tea Ammun鈋t, Helena Bylund and Jane U. Jepsen -- Effects of New Forest Management on Insect Damage Risk in a Changing Climate / Christer Bj鑟rkman, Helena Bylund, Urban Nilsson, G鑟ran Nordlander and Martin Schroeder.

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